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  1. When we do the lunge steps in what position are we supposed to have the bar?

  2. Question on reps, if I am scaling the PHSPU to just regular HSPU and the Muscle-ups for pull-ups and dips what is the reps?

    • Sorry… I didn’t see this yesterday… for future reference…

      PHSPU – you can do HSPU or deficit pushups. I had two 55# plates stacked on each side since I have not mastered PHSPU yet. 🙂

      For MU – we sometimes do 3 pullups, 3 dips as a sub for one MU. And sometimes, we have people just do MU work with bands from the ground. Just depends on the workout.

      • Just curious what are some of the things you have people do with the bands for MU because I am not very good at them and am trying to find drills that can help me out.

  3. For the strength portion, is the scheme a set of 3, set of 2 and a set of 1? Or is it three cycles of a set of 3, set of 2, set of 1? Thank you.

    • 3 rounds/sets of 3-2-1 reps. Take about 30-45 seconds between 3-2-1 and about 45 sec-1 min between rounds.

  4. I am not sure of the scale for PHSPU to HSPU, but the scale for MU is 3 Ring dips or Dips and 3 Pullups per MU

  5. Close Grip Bench Press. @205# (no misses). When I started this program I was at 165#. So I am seeing great improvement week to week. Love it!

    MU’s (scaled 15 Pull-Ups and 15 Dips per round)
    Lunges (scaled to 110lbs front rack)

  6. Close grip bench-215#
    15 pull ups and 15 dips
    Front rack walking lunges-95#
    This is only my 2nd week of crossfit and im not real confident with the front rack position. I will come around soon.

  7. Did close grip on Tuesday
    Did push jerk 3-3-3-3-3-3-3 at 175#
    12:02 at 95# lunges and 3 MU and 3 pull-ups per MU

  8. Stayed at 135# with front rack lunges. Regressed to regular hspu with 4″ deficit and low rings with band on L-sit MUs. Don’t have the room for regular MUs at home gym.

  9. Close Grip Bench Press: 205lb
    Metcon: 19:34 Scaled MU to 3 pull-ups and 3 dips. Only because we have no where to do muscle ups at our home gym.

  10. Close grip bench: 205lb
    Metcon: 15:53 subbed muscles ups for pull ups and dips couldn’t hang the rings anywhere

  11. I am horrible at pull ups. What can I do to improve? I’ve been trying jumping pull ups and pull ups with bands but still am not seeing much improvement.

    • Parallette. I couldn’t do parallette so I did deficit HSPU with two 55# weights stacked on either side.

  12. 285 Close Grip Bench
    8:41 Metcon
    Muscles Ups were a bit rough. 4-2-2 substituted the missed reps with pull-ups and dips.

  13. Do you guys work on your PHSPU strict or most always kipping or mixed? I’m always conflicted, I want to have a good kip, but it definitely seems like it limits exertion at the bottom of my range of motion when I get a good kip going. Anyone’s input is welcome.

  14. No bench – did deficit push-ups with a 40 lb vest and 50 lb slam ball on my back

    WOD: 12:22 Rx – fun workout