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  1. Wow…didn’t get a chance to see this yesterday. I will definitely have to do this today and push the rest of the week into the weekend. Looks like a hurt. Chest to bars and pullups. I thought 2007 was brutal.

  2. Should this workout be like 13.3. Where you should only get like 1 total round finished? I mean this seems like a heavy workload. The Power cleans and the snatches are around my 80% 1RM. Should I drop the weight to around 50-60% perhaps.

    • Yeah. Now that I have come down from that big pile of hurt, I realize now that I should have dropped the weight a little. Didn’t have too much problems with the bodyweight movements. I should have dropped the power clean and the snatches a little sooner. I got all the way to 8 snatches before I dropped to 95#. By then I was spent. I went ahead and finished the workout in 39:30. Really felt nauseated after this one.

      • For some I suppose they will get through one round, for many I assume they may not make it one round. Do what you must to give yourself a good workout. 🙂

  3. Metcon: Got to 51 reps of toes to bar in the 30 minutes and then finished the whole round in 31:15

  4. Finished an entire round rx’d with 1:30 to spare with the womens weight. Only to tear two fingers and a palm. I need to get these hands fixed as fast as i can. Any thoughts? Besides rest.

    Other than that congrats on a great week at the games! The entire team is such an inspiration. Ive only been crossfit training for 6 months and I love it and CF Mayhems programing.

    • We have a salve in the Mayhem store that is really good for healing tears on your hands.

    • Like he said hand salve is awesome on raw skin (I’ve just used Burts bees, but I’m sure they’re somewhat similar). It feels like magic overnight.

      Also, if you dont already, get a callus shaver from your local department store, they’re in the nail section. Also, get replacement blades, theyre like $2 for 20, and it works great but has to be sharp. Keep your callusces low and they seem like they’re about 5x as strong. Now when I get close to tearing (blister), it’s strong enough it usually doesnt even tear or pop through when I shave through them.

  5. Awesome WOD, but I have one question. Got through the set of 50 snatches in 24 min but after 10 T2B, I had a big rip on both hands open up and I bailed. I see the guys use specially folded tape on their hands in the workouts when there is a lot of bar work involved. I’ve used the leather gymnastics grips before and still get rips. Where do I find a good tutorial on the taping technique the guys use?

    • Gosh… I am going to have to see about making a recording of this. I could try to explain it, but I am not sure that will work. Maybe I can do a post on it and take pictures. I will see what I can do. There are two ways people in our gym make those and I like them much better than my gymnastics grips! I can’t promise you won’t tear though. I did on T2B in this chipper at the Games. But it wasn’t terrible.

      • hey I missed this work out last week because of a minor injury but wanted to test myself against it soon. One question, are the snatches done from the floor or hang position? Thank you!

  6. Thank you so much for your programing, my wife and i workout with yall everyday from our home gym in nc. Great showing at the games by the way.

  7. Thank yall so much for your posted workouts, my wife and i Do them everyday from our home box in NC. We really love the site.

    • Thank you for following and supporting CF Mayhem! And thank you for the kind words. We truly appreciate them!

  8. Got 15 into the toes 2 bars. That sucked.

    275 deadlift
    135 clean
    95 snatch

    2500 row for punishment of my less than stellar performance.

  9. Did a back squat before metcon 5×5 @275

    185- cleans
    135- power snatch
    Finished 1 round @ 25:15