Thank You’s, Workout for the Day & Shirts

Thank you to everyone for their support of CrossFit Mayhem and for Rich, Dan, and the Team!

SHIRTS: We hope to have the shirts from the Games (the tanks too) ready for purchase on the online store as soon as possible! For those who placed orders already, we are going to be working on these this week. We just have a couple volunteers so we do what we can, but we will do our best to get all these filled and to you as quickly as we can.

WORKOUT: Sorry about not having a workout up yesterday or today… had a little glitch. I am posting today’s workout below for now.

– 2007 – 

1000m Row

5 Rounds of:
25 Pullups
7 Push Jerks (135/85)


9 Replies to “Thank You’s, Workout for the Day & Shirts”

  1. Welcome Back Lauren you had us all worried. Congrats to Rich, Dan, and the Team!

    • Thanks Gonzo! We had a great time at the Games… thanks for the support! Now… getting back to it. Sorry for the delays. I honestly didn’t touch my computer for Mayhem or my real job the entire week!

  2. I figured 8/1 would be back squat (boy was I wrong) so I did back squat (box squat) 3sets of 3-2-1 add #10 from last week (270#)
    Metcon 2007
    RX 16:03