6 Replies to “07/30/2013”

  1. Back Squat @176lbs
    Metcon: 14:20
    Row 1000m rxd
    KBS @61lbs
    Squats @140lbs
    Love the programming keep it coming. I feel myself improving and getting stronger. The more comfortable I get with my strength the more weight I will add.

  2. First time posting here, but I’ve been doing your WODs for a couple months now and have gotten a lot stronger through it so wanted to say thanks for the awesome programming!

    I’m a couple days behind, but for this back squat strength workout, is it just up to us to decide the set / rep scheme or are we doing the 3 rounds of 3-2-1? Thanks!

  3. Wasn’t sure what to do for back squats… Followed Nick and did:

    Back Squat 2 reps EMOM 10 min @ 165#

    Metcon: 15:30
    Row 1000m (subbed w/ 45# SDHP)
    KBs @ 35#
    Squats @ 65#

    Great WOD. Definitely felt great after this one and had some energy level so I decided to run a mile as well so that I could work on my endurance/conditioning while I attacked legs in the strength & WOD as well.