13 Replies to “07/26/2013”

  1. 135 lbs

    Went ahead and kept going up each min with one rep and PR’d at 175 lbs after the power snatch wod.

    Didn’t do Nancy because I just did that last week. I worked on DUs and pullups instead (goat work).

  2. Ughhhh…motivating myself to get it done tomorrow. Snatches are my nemesis, but I can’t wait til the morning.

  3. Well, I went out and did the snatches. Man, this movement kills me. I have only been crossfitting w/ olympic lifts for a little while now, but I love it. So here it is:
    Power Snatches: 12#
    Nancy: 15:13; OHS killed me. and I am sure there would have been some no reps; I was concentrating on form though. I “no rep” myself a couple of times.