14 Replies to “7/25/2013”

  1. Only had time to do the back squat this morning

    Ran a mile for warm up:

    will post my met-con later when I get time between work

  2. Metcon: 25:20

    PSHPU were horrendous through and through. I felt like Khalipa on the last couple of sets struggling just to get the last one. Great workout to condition for Diane too. If I can get good at this workout, then Diane is cake.

  3. Can someone explain what 3 sets of 3-2-1 is. I recently started following Mayhem’s programming and I have seen this twice and can’t figure it out.


  4. 225 back squat. Still working the full depth squat
    Metcon: 14:44 rx.
    After yesterday that metcon had my hamstrings screaming. Ready for tomorrow.

    Troy hats off to you. Nice time

    • Hey Aaron I am working getting the right depth on my squat I typically go to low. I have been doing box squats recently because I can do heavy weight and get the right depth. Just an option for u to try.