20 Replies to “07/23/2013”

  1. Close Grip-210#

    1st MetCon Amrap-4+15 Rx

    only took 2 minutes to recover…
    2nd MEtcon Time-1:38

  2. -2×225#

    -4 rounds; 1 snatch (hang snatches @ 75#, no bumper plates, and I’m currently at a “GLOBOGYM”; they don’t like it when I drop or hit weight on the ground)


    • Been there, it sucks but I think it actually had some benefits for me with grip strength and control. I got some pretty wicked looking bruises catching it in my hip crease though… Keep it up, no mistakes!

  3. 180# close grip

    4 rds 1 snatch
    400 meter run
    1:30 (stupid treadmill)

  4. Close Grip Bench Press: 200lb
    Metcon 1: 4 Rounds + 4 Double Unders
    Metcon 2: 1:35

  5. Can someone explain to me the details of the 3 rounds of 3-2-1? Is this increasing weights, or a single weight, etc?

  6. When you say close grip, just how close are we talking? I have looked at pictures of Dan and Rich and it seems that their grip is right where the knurling stops in the center of the bar.