20 Replies to “07/22/2013”

  1. I have only been doing CrossFit for about a week and I was wondering if I need to be resting on the weekends or if someone has some advice on what I should be doing

    • The programming for this blog runs six days a week normally. They do not post anything on Sunday’s so I am guess that is the built in rest day. I usually take off one other day during the week normally, and make up whatever workout I have missed on either Sunday or on Saturday’s whenever they have an out of the gym event that they do not post on here.

  2. If 215# is my max on P. Cleans, I would do 170# for the 10 min EMOM… So for the WOD should I try and go up in weight, down in weight or stay at 170#?

  3. New to posts, have been following your site for about a month now, great programming!!!

    Power Clean – 195#


    5 Rounds
    5 Power Cleans (205)
    10 Burpees

    Time: 10:37

  4. If my 80% is 170#.. should I go up in weight, down in weight, or stay with the 170# for the WOD? any help would be great. Thanks

    • I’d porbably drop to 195 or 190 since its supposed to be a heavy power clean.

  5. Power clean: 145
    Metcon: 8:28 (115)

    Great programing! Im limited by the amount of weight i own but my technique since using your programing has become very good. Keep up the great work!

    Good luck from Northern Va. At the games this week.

  6. Cleans @240
    Metcon 14:10
    First actually crossfit workout and it kicked my butt.