15 Replies to “07/17/2013”

  1. I had to type it into google: paralette handstand pushup. If you dont have paralettes, I’m guessing deficit would be next best.

  2. OK, I have an off the WOD type of question, but when the WOD calls for “BP 3-2-1” like yesterday, do we stay with the same weight, or do we go up 10 lbs each set?

  3. Deadlift: 355lb
    Metcon: 22:50 *Regular HSPU with 3 abmats under my head (First time I did HSPU without scaling them onto a box)

  4. What exactly was the dead lift supposed to be at 75% 1 rep max? Or how does the 7 sets of 3 work?

  5. 315# deadlift
    No rower
    Scaled to 50 SDHP
    First round PHSPU 2-5 scaled to on box