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  1. Just making sure that this is supposed to be close grip bench press because that’s what we did last week?
    And what do you recommend for someone like me who isn’t very good at muscle ups? Do you recommend like a time cap and just get as many as you can in the given time or just go for as long as it takes to get 30?

    • From what I have seen of HQ’s scale for certain movements. The scale for a MU is 3 Ring Dips & 3 Pullups for each MU. I have not yet gotten my first MU, so I will be scaleing 90 Ring Dips and 90 Pullups for the 30 MU. For you it sounds like you can do some MU, then I would do as many as possible, then switch to the scale. Not sure if this is the best option, I am sure someone may have a better option.

      • I think that’s what I was going to do. Give myself like a time cap and get as many as I can in the time and then maybe switch to something scaled depending on how tired I am.

        • You could do as many muscle ups as you can within your time cap, and then instead of switching to a pull-up/dip combination, just scale the muscle up. One of my favorite ways to scale a muscle up is putting the rings at about eye level, and then jumping into the bottom of the dip. That way, you get an extra boost on the initial pull. Just a thought.

  2. 205 close grip
    Metcon 9:58 2pood and 165 back squat from rack

    Going to Europe! See you all in aprox 9 days!!

  3. Same question as Drew, I’m not strong enough yet to get anything close to 30 muscle-ups! Any recommendations on an alternative?

  4. As for the Bench Press… it is always Close Grip Bench. 🙂 It is the only one we do.
    Concerning MU sub – 3 pullups/3 dips is standard. Sometimes we will have people do MU progressions. If someone can do pullups and dips but not that well, I will have them do 1 and 1 instead. It just depends on what level people are and what the goal is of the workout. 🙂

  5. Thanks Lauren!
    Close Grip Bench Press: 195lb
    Muscle-Ups: *15 Minute time cap 2 reps
    I should have just done the sub for them but I wanted to see where I was at. I def need to do more work on these. Are there any drills or stuff that you guys do in order to work on them?

  6. Pertaining to the MUs regression:
    I love to work on my chest to bars and dips to improve the movement of the muscle ups, but the transition phase from the pull up to dip does not teach nor strengthen that movement you need to get past the hardest part. I love to work on my transition portion with resistance bands on the dip rings. Tie one band around the left ring, and hold the hanging part of the band on the right ring and sit on the band in a L-sit position. You can adjust the tension with whatever band you need, and really work on that transition movement while working on pull and dips also in the same workout without having to move back and forth.

  7. On the bench… is it 3 reps…rest…2 reps…rest…1 rep all at same weight, and then repeat for 3 rounds?
    OR is it 3 reps..rest..3 reps…rest.. 3 reps then 2-2-2, 1-1-1?

  8. Close Grip 175#
    Metcon- Sub for MU 90 Ring Dips 90 Pullups
    13:47 (Rough)
    If that is what it feels like to do 30 MU, I’m in trouble (haha)

  9. Close Grip 195#
    Metcon-90 Ring Dips 90 Pullups
    Dedicated 20 mins to muscle up progression before I did the WOD. I am pretty close to completing my Muscle Ups.

  10. Lauren, are you serious?? I’m very gullible but are we seriously suppose to do close grip bench ever time “bench press” is prescribed for the day?? I’ve been doing normal BPs always… Am I wrong??