12 Replies to “07/15/2013”

  1. 175 lbs 75%

    15:51. I was using iron plates at the company gym and didnt want to risk dropping the bar so I did squats from the rack and at the end did a power clean for each break. I finished the last set around 12 mins but it took forever before I could get my first clean.

  2. Power Clean: 185lb
    Metcon: 13:46 *Did squats from rack and 53pd KB because that’s all we have

  3. Power clean 12 min emom 205 then 3 min 225×3 so total of 15 min
    Metcon rx 8:05

  4. 170lb clean. I did 33 total (started at go and ended at 10 minute mark, is that right?)

    Subbed 170 lb back squat from the floor (185 wasn’t happening) no kettle bells so i used a 50 lb Dumbell.

  5. 142lbs on Power Clean 10 Sets EMOM (techinque is alot better, will go heavier next time)
    Rack Squat