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    • Jim,
      That is totally up to what you can do and what you are comfortable with. If 135 is heavy normally, stick with it. Or if 185 is too much but 135 is not heavy enough… go in the middle. It is about what is heavy for you… not the Rx’d weight. 🙂

  1. Squat Snatch: 155lb Failed 165lb
    Metcon: 8:40
    Just want to say on here that I have been following your guys workouts since my birthday on April 22nd. Before I started I couldn’t even do a squat snatch and today I maxed more the 30lb from the last time I attempted a max of squat snatch. Also, on May 26th we did a 10 minute amrap of 185lb clean and jerk and I only got 28 reps. Today I got 30 in 8:40. I am not trying to brag or anything. I am just trying to tell the people that if you follow these workouts everyday and don’t skip any you will get better at CrossFit. I have become such a better CrossFitter since I started. If I didn’t live in New Jersey I would sign up for your guys gym in a heart beat. Unfortunately I don’t, but I am just saying that you guys have a great program and whoever is thinking about either joining their gym or just following their workouts should do so. Thanks for taking the time to whoever read this.

    • 100% agree. Before when I would do a Crossfit workout that I came up with I would not push myself. Now I find myself throwing weight around that I did not think I was capable of. Probably becuase I know that I have confidence in the programming here and I know there is a purpose behind each workout. Keep it up Drew.

  2. Strong work Drew. I second that. Great mix of power and metcon work here. I recently started following the programming as well and love it. I can see and feel the difference.

  3. I have to jump on board with the praise. I’ve been doing crossfit for 4 years and following Mayhem has taken me back to the early days when I’d say “no freakin way” then 30 minutes later, I’m getting through it expanding my boundaries. Also like the early days, it’s greatly accelerating my learning curve. Hopefully I’ll get to drop in for a visit on a road trip one day. Thanks for the great programming (from Houston, Tx).

  4. Thanks everyone for all the support but like I said it all goes to CrossFit Mayhem and their programming. They do a great job.

  5. Squat Snatch – 105lbs ( a personal PR, I use to struggle with the bar, my technique is definitely getting better)

    “Grace” (135lbs)
    6:30, first time doing this workout. I think I’ll be better next time. I didn’t pace myself well.