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  1. Just to clarify. So this is like an every minute on the minute workout except with it just being the running and pushups/pullups?

  2. Yes… every 5 minutes you will start a new round. If you don’t complete the movements in the 5 minutes, it just turns into an AMRAP.

  3. Quick question? Should I only do the mayhem programing, or can I add other stuff to it? Like olympic weightlifting, intervals or skills?

    • Francisco,
      From what I have heard from listening to coaches and from what I have read the skill work or the extra stuff on the side is solely up to the athlete. I have been Crossfitting for over a year now and following this blog for about 2 months I would say. It seems as though they have laid everything out here for you and they have a plan for what this program offer people. I would think that doing some extra would not hurt, but it will depend on your goals. I would say adding in some accessory work would be a good idea. Good mornings, Sled pushes etc.. would likely not fatigue you so much where you would not recover for the next days WOD.

  4. 8 rounds Rx’d new every 5 min
    400 m run
    9-8-8 on pull-ups
    25 straight hand release push-ups

  5. I can’t read too good and didnt see the every 5 minutes part… I did it straight through – 23:03. I think I would have liked it either way.

    @Francisco – If you do anything outside or in addition to strictly Mayhem programming, you might ruin it… This Crossfit stuff is pretty delicate, you wouldn’t want to risk running off and adapting anything to your personal needs/goals.

  6. Thanks! I appreciate the help!
    I actually been having trouble finding a good programing! I’m loving mayhem! Just eanting to improve on some skills!

  7. 8 rounds Rx’d new every 5 min
    400 m run
    10-10-5 on pull-ups
    25 Push-Ups (Unbroken)