Photo by Hillary Froning Photography
Photo by Hillary Froning Photography


Close Grip Bench Press

3 Sets of 3-2-1
Add 5# to last weeks weight

Metcon (Time)

30 Deadlift (225/155)
30 Wall Ball (20/14)
30 Toes to Bar
20 Jump over Box (24/20) – you can touch the box
20 Burpees
50 Calorie Air Dyne Test (as fast as you can)

21 Replies to “07/09/2013”

  1. No… same weight on the 3-2-1 sets. We started out at about 75% of your 1RM and add 5# each week when we do it.

  2. What is the 3-2-1 methodology behind the strength portion of this WOD? I have been following Mayhem’s workouts for the past couple weeks and cannot figure out the 3-2-1 strength portion.

    • What do you mean Charlie? The specifics of how-to or why we do it at all? Sorry… just a little confused about your question.

      • I am curious as well as to how it works. Do you start at 75% and do 3 reps, then say 80% for 2 reps and 85% for 1 rep? And do all that 3 times?

        • No. You will do all the 3-2-1 reps at 75% the first week. Add 5# each week you do it.

  3. Close Grip Bench Press: 190lb
    Metcon: 8:26 No Air Dyne
    What brand Air Dyne do you guys have at your gym because I am thinking about getting one for my home gym and am shopping around and haven’t really seen one brand that stands out.

  4. Close grip 205lbs
    Metcon 15:32 subbed 1 mile run for air dyne. A run in the rain never felt so good!

  5. Close grip 280×3, 300×2, 320×1
    Metcon 10:03
    Sub rowing for air dyne, sorry no air dyne

  6. Close grip 95×3 105×2 115×1
    Metcon 13:23
    Sub 30 ttb for 60 wall balls “strain abdomen”
    Sub air dyne for 50 cal on rower

  7. I will be doing this workout tomorrow morning, but my present gym doesn’t have an airdyne. Can you please suggest a good substitute or alternative for the 50 Calorie at the end. The gym basically has treadmills, elepticals, bikes, and a rower. Thanks.

  8. Had to make this one up for missing yesterday.
    165# CGBP
    Metcon scaled t2b to knees to elbows