19 Replies to “07/08/2013”

  1. Power Clean 1rm = 185lbs. 15lbs lighter than my prior 205lb 1rm!! Anyone ever go backwards?

    Metcon = 15:11 @ 135lbs

    Weights felt heavy today! ??? Must need more rest from the weekend and the Hope workout?

  2. Allen – Metcon = 14:39 @ 155

    Daniel – Metcon = 14:53 @ 115 & Subbed DU for 100 SU.

  3. PR 210 power clean but 205 felt easy don’t understand why 210 was so hard

    Metcon1 rd 135# 2-5 95#
    100 singles instead of DU

    • Don’t create a mental barrier. Once weight becomes perceived as “heavy”, your mind has the tendency to question your body. Although there are certainly “off days”, you’ll find that if you can become more aggressive with the weight from a mental standpoint and trust your body, the weight will go up. With anything though, all in moderation. If you’re burning yourself out at work and outside of the gym in general, then your performance in the gym will suffer.

      • Thanks for the advice. I honestly I think it came down to technique catching the weight flush at the bottom, I think I pull to high and still try to catch it rock bottom squat- Oh well. The weight does get in my head sometimes that it’s just to heavy. Thanks Paul.

  4. PR Power Clean at 95#

    Metcon at 65#
    Singles instead of DU

  5. Power clean 205. Tried 215 but it wasn’t going to happen today.
    Metcon = 16:45 as rx