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Metcon (Time)

Partners – 1 working at a time – each does half the work.
80 box jumps (30/24)
100 double unders
40 muscle ups
100 double unders
80 wall ball (20/14)
100 double unders
40 pushups
100 double unders
80 burpees
100 double unders
40 clean & jerk (135/95)
100 double unders
80 lunges (135/95 – back rack – each leg is 1 rep)

6 Replies to “06/29/2013”

  1. 33:42
    Scaled double unders to singles, muscle ups to 20 pull-ups and 20 tricep dips, and wall ball shots to 45lb thrusters.

  2. Me and my brother have been following your guy’s programming for around 3 months and I was just wondering if there’s any like specific warm-up you guys do everyday or if it varies. We kind of do our own thing but we’ve never really had like a set warm-up. Is there any chance that we can find that out if there is one?

  3. Question, with like today’s WOD are we doing the CrossFit main site WOD then this? Also do you guys follow the three on one off schedule as far as work out days and rest days?

    • No, we just do this one. Some people might though.

      As for the 3-1 schedule. We are not open on Sunday so we do not technically follow it for our gym. I personally usually do a 3 on, 1 off, 2 on, 1 off. Everyone is different and I just tell people to do what works for them. 🙂