8 Replies to “06/15/2013 – Saturday Chipper”

  1. The wife and I have been shopping around for programming online and I think we will settle down here! We are both such big Rich fans and i hear he has some input on this programming. Our 1 month challenge starts now 🙂

    Will upload results after the workout.

  2. What time are WODs posted? I train at 7AM EST and I’m wondering if I should be following a day behind.

    • Monday through Friday they are usually posted at midnight I believe CST. Saturday, we usually decide the workout that morning so a bit later in the morning.

  3. I have woken up at 1 o’clock sometimes 2 o’clock in the morning PST and the WODs are not up yet.. but when I get up at at 6 am they are there.. not sure exactly when they get posted tho