05/26/2013-Memorial Day Hours, New Class Time and New Programs!

Memorial Day Hours:

CF Mayhem will be open for the following classes on Monday, May 27!

  • 6am Intro
  • 6am Regular class
  • 8:15am-10:30am open hours
  • 6pm Intro Class


CrossFit Kids & Teens is here!

CrossFit Kids will begin this Wednesday, May 29th! Our CF Kids program is for ages 5-12 and will be offered on Wednesday and Friday at 5pm. The class will be 45 minutes. To learn more about CrossFit Kids check out www.crossfitkids.com.

CrossFit Teens will begin Monday, June 3rd! The teen program is for 12-18 year olds. We will have classes on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday each week at 4:45pm. The class will last approximately one hour.

More information will be posted this week!


New Class Time Starting June 3rd.

Beginning June 3rd, we will offer a new class at 7:15pm Monday through Friday.



3 Replies to “05/26/2013-Memorial Day Hours, New Class Time and New Programs!”

  1. Will you be posting the kids workouts anywhere? I know crossfitkids.com has workouts but just courios if you will be posting any? I do crossfit at home with my son and a few kids from his baseball team and it would be great to follow your kids program. Thanks

    • I’m not sure that we will at the beginning, but perhaps in the future. 🙂 I hadn’t thought about doing it actually until you commented.

  2. Ok, well if there is a way now or in the future I would love to follow. Thanks