15 Replies to “05/21/2013”

    • Sometimes we do muscle-up transition work.

      You could do C2B pullups one round and dips the next.

  1. Shoulder press, Max 130×3

    25:27 metcon treadmill 400m, and did the muscle up sub.

    • This has been asked a couple times in the past. Last we were told it was Rich, but that may have changed with games season having started.

      • It’s still Rich! 🙂 Every now and then one of us will throw in a workout on Saturday if he isn’t around… but Rich is the main programmer! 🙂

  2. Thanx so much for all the workouts. CrossFit in South Africa is flying and my life revolves around it….

  3. 140×3

    that metcon was ridiculous! More like a marathon… I did a round and a half and couldn’t finish because I didn’t leave myself with enough time. I am sure it would have taken me 30-40 minutes. one of these days I’ll do it just for fun.