Front Squat
5 reps, every minute for 10 minutes at 70%

— Then —

Death by Burpees

1 the first minute, 2 the second minute, 3 the third minute…
Until you can no longer complete the reps in the minute

— Then — ** NOT FOR TIME **

5 rounds
20 ring dips
20 GHDs

10 Replies to “03/11/2013”

  1. shit did that front squat kill me today. did it based off of my new 1RM 335. so i did 235. made it to the last round without a miss. last round only got 3 reps. legs were dead.

    i did death by chest to bar pull ups. need work before they come up in the open. made it to round 11 and failed there.

  2. FS: 185 didn’t think I was going to make it 10 minutes, but somehow did. It as heavy from the 1st set.

    Metcon: 13 rounds, ended right on the minute should have went for 14, but had little in the take.

    no time for the dips or GHD

  3. Prd front squat at 415 last week and did this at 290. One of the hardest squat workouts, physically and mentally, I’ve ever done

  4. FS- 225 for 5 rounds then down to 205

    DBB: 13 rnds


  5. First two rounds @85# FS, then 75# for the rest, 14 Reps on burpees, 5rds, ring dips with the blue band