7 Replies to “03/07/3013”

  1. Practiced 13.1 today.

    Completed 40 burpees, 30 snatches 75#, 30 burpees, and 18 snatches at 135. I am going to tape my workout and post on line sat. Now that I have done this, my goal will be to complete all 30 snatch reps at 135 and get into the 20 burpees. We will see.

  2. C&J #190

    no rower so did Snatches from a couple of days ago. Probably not a good idea after the clean and jerks, but Maxed at 135 easily, but couldn’t get 145 for some reason.

    Did 3 Hand stand holds against wall for 30 seconds each. I am determined to get that HSPU going. If I can get the crossfit pull up and Double Unders as well, I will feel like I can finally do some of these workouts correctly.

  3. 235 C&J (10 lb PR)

    Shoulders are smoked. Did 13.1 two days in a row. No METCON today.