Photo by Hillary Froning Photography
Photo by Hillary Froning Photography



Front Squat
3 reps every minute on the minute for 10 sets @ 75%

— Then —

2 Rounds

100 Double unders
50 Push Press (95/65)
25 Toes to bar


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11 Replies to “02/11/2013”

  1. Fs:235

    metcon 16:30 grip was dead and i freaking blow at toes to bar. i cant piece them together in a kipping fashion. i lost the workout there.

  2. FS: 165.

    Metcon: 11 minutes. Could not get a good rhythm with the D.U. That was very frustrating.

  3. 205 FS

    9:47 RX metcon

    Dropped into today. Thanks to everyone for the hospitality. Great class and great atmosphere…. Ill be bringing the “ball through the ring warmup w penalty” to coach back in Dallas, I’m sure they will love that haha.

  4. 180 FS

    found out all three of these movements are major weaknesses.

    The only good thing about this workout is that it is over.

    somewhere between 22-23 minutes.