02/10/2013 – Rest Day & Fun

Enjoy a Rest Day today!

First Level 1 Trainer Course at CF Mayhem

Last weekend we hosted our first (and hopefully the first of many) Level 1 Trainer Courses. It was great meeting the people who came to the course. It was also fun to watch the trainers play on the slack line and do a workout.

Level1-Trainers Slackline3-Neal














Congratulations to ROAN!!! 

I know there are a ton of posts out there about why people enjoy CrossFit and well I am just going to say a little something about it anyway. This week we had a member reach a great milestone! WIth this milestone, people throughout the week signed the big whiteboard in the gym giving him words of encouragement and praise. For anyone who does CrossFit, we all know that the community is amazing! We have people of all ages, sizes and fitness levels. The best part is that we all support each other and push each other and no matter what the challenge… whether in the gym or outside… we build bonds that help us achieve goals. That could be to lose weight, to make a team, to be more fit, to make it to the Regionals or Games, or whatever. My sister might jokingly call this CultFit and maybe that is true in some ways, but it’s the most positive environment I think I have ever been involved with so I think I will keep on, keepin’ on! 🙂

We are so proud of you Roan! Keep up the good work man! You will reach your goals!

Roan - Whiteboard