16 Replies to “02/08/2013”

  1. Nevermind I answered my own question……by actually opening my eyes lol. Love the website and workouts!

    • Kyle… I honestly forgot the KB weights and just added them so you probably did see it without and then with. Haha! 🙂 Thank you!

  2. CG BP: 175

    metcon: warmed up with KB, but kept thunking my forearm and didn’t want to do that for 150 reps, so used 45# DB. Again, thought the push ups would be the easiest and they were the hardest.


  3. Close grip bench: stuck with 155 for all.

    Metcon: 9:35. Had to use a 50# DB, worked out in school gym where i teach. No KB’s.

  4. 114/135 on the bench press
    I did 12 kb snatches at 53 lbs and the twenty five push ups. 7:40

  5. subbed weighted ring dips for 7 reps. don’t have a bench press at home.

    EMOM – rounds 1-5, added 40lbs. rounds 6-10, scaled back to 25 lbs.

    Metcon – 7:49 Rx’d

  6. strength: i did 11 sets. i always wind up doing a set when the buzzer goes off at the ten min mark to make the 11th set.
    195 1-3 205-4-7 215-8-10 225-11(2 reps)

    this was a lung burner for me. I absolutely loved this workout. it was a challenge for me. this was great. i had to do it with a 55 db no kbs. but boy did i like this workout.