17 Replies to “01/17/2013”

  1. in regards to olympic lifting movements from the floor, when rep schemes are posted as “not touch n’ go,” how much rest time is allowable between reps to still be considered within the same set?

    hopefully that makes sense.

    doing this workout saturday so i’m not forced to workout at 5am

  2. Squat clean jerks: 95 -115 -135 -155 – 165 -170 -175

    metcon: 7:05

    plan was to do 10 at a crack, but did 15, 10, 10 and then 5’s the rest of the way.

  3. SC & J: 185-185-205-205-215-220-225

    I’ve been working on full squat snatch. So that’s what I did. 3 reps every min for 10 min @ 115.

  4. 135-155-175-185-205-215-225(1 & 2 rep PR)

    Metcon: 5:37rx

    Following from a 24hr fitness in Dallas for about 2 weeks now, second Pr this week with this programming…No bumper plates in the globo gym!

  5. 155-165-175-185-195-205×1-205(f)

    8:36 rx’d

    First time doing a heavy c@j since I tweaked my knee during my deployment. Not too disappointed. Way off from a PR though. Randy felt extra terrible on my legs. That’s what killed me. Not a PR on that by any means either.