14 Replies to “01/14/2013”

  1. BS 235

    Metcon: Scaled to 215 DL, probably should have been a little lighter. Had some wasted time as GHD is opposite end of the gym from the platforms.


    • In the gym I use the ghd is away from where the racks are as well, i said screw it and just took my barbell to the ghd. Def saved a lot of time!

  2. BS @ 185# for all rounds
    Metcon: 6:44 DL @185# (home garage… no GHD, did ABMAT sit-ups instead)

  3. 195#


    Squats felt easier than last week. Think I’m finally regaining all the strength I lost during my deployment. The WOD was BRUTAL! Ran out of gas everytime I hit the GHD