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3-2-1… GO!



Back Squat

3 Reps, 10 sets every minute @70%


AMRAP 12 mins
5 hang power clean (135/95)
10 walking lunge steps with the bar on the back (135/95)


16 Replies to “01/07/2013”

  1. Supplemented Overhead Squat (Need the work) @ 155

    12:00 AMRAP: 10 full rounds + 4 Hang Cleans (RX)

  2. I keep going with the 20BS strenght program. Did 255.

    12min AMRAP – Did 8 Front rack position lunges instead. Both movement with 135. 9 Full rounds.

    Btw Lauren I’d love to get the new Mayhem Decal Tee. I’m not pretty sure about which would be a good size for me. I’ve got a Medium Bailey’s Tee from Rogue that suits me perfectly. Any advice?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Telmo – Rich wears a Large in that one. We sold a lot of Mediums this week though.
      We currently have some medium Navy ones, but the green are pretty much sold out at this point (a few smalls left). I am placing another order tomorrow so hopefully we will have them in again very soon!

      • Thanks Lauren for the info!
        I’m ordering today a Navy one for the moment while I wait for you to restock the CrossFit Mayhem Box T-Shirt!

  3. BS@205#
    AMRAP–8 full rounds and 2 HPCs, scaled to 115#

    Enjoyed work on HPCs, wish lunges didn’t smoke me so bad.

  4. BS – 220

    My quads were really tight when I was stretching an warming up. Half way thru the Back squats they got pretty uncomfortable and I pushed thru it. Unable to do any lunges after that, so did 5 Hang Power Cleans EMOTM @ 115 to try and get some work in. Sucks to be old.

  5. Squats @ 250

    Metcon Rx: 9 rounds even

    Went to the grand opening of South Mountain Crossfit yesterday in Allentown, PA.. Ironically the partner WOD had a lot of lunges in it and I could definitely feel it slowed me down today.