sprinterSaturday Workout


Don’t forget that since we are hosting the CrossFit Movement and Mobility Trainer Course at CF Mayhem, our regular Saturday session will be at the Tennessee Tech football stadium. We will do a workout at the track and then afterwards we will play some football, so don’t forget your cleats and gloves!

3-Person Team, 5 rounds each person

1st person starts

Start at goal line
Run to 50 yd line, do 10 burpees
Run back to the goal line, do 10 burpees
Run to the other goal line, do 10 burpees
Run back to the starting goal line

2nd person completes running/burpee sequence, then 3rd… 5 rounds each

THEN… go do something fun!!!!

One Reply to “01/05/2013”

  1. Did this WOD in the rocks in Afghan with another athlete. About 3 minute splits for both of us. Good active recovery day for us both!