18 Replies to “01/02/2013”

  1. haven’t posted in a while… been doing them, but started a 9 week Olympic lifting strength program so I’ve scaled the CrossFit WODs a little bit… 12 Min AMRAP: 95 Pound Push Press; 7 Rounds even

    • just to clarify, I did the push press as a shoulder to overhead AND the pullups with 10 reps each

  2. Shoulder press 170

    Did 4 rounds from 7 minutes. Suck at pullups. Ran to get the next 5 minutes in. Inspired by DB, Adam and Chad, enjoy reading their times and efforts.

    • Thank you Scott. I enjoy seeing everyone’s times as well. I workout alone in my garage so this is a great way to compete with others even if you can’t workout with them.

      I’ll be doing this tomorrow morning. Impressive shoulder press btw. Strict press is one of my many “goats.”

  3. Strict Press @165,

    then 11 rounds of the Metcon Rx. Mostly Push Jerks for the shoulder to overhead. All pullups were butterfly pullups.

    Thank you, Scott! My training partner struggles with his pullups too, he finished with 6 1/2 rounds. It’s a journey, not a destination. Keep pushing!

  4. Had another kid and needed to leave the box…resolved to follow Mayhem’s program this year. Appreciate all the other posts to challenge and encourage.

    Strict Shoulder Press – 175#
    AMRAP – 9 + 5 S2OH

  5. 165 shoulder press

    Metcon – 11 rds + 10 shoulder to o/h

    pullup bar & barbell were freezing cold.

    anyone know of good, durable, workout gloves to wear during these cold months?

    • Adam, I have been keeping my bar in the mechanical room w/in my garage, which has helped cure the cold bar issue. Give it a whirl!

  6. I did this workout but not the strength.
    Subbed GHD for pullups. It was good, but not sure if it was 9 or 10 rounds.
    Did 5 sets of 30 wall balls every 4 minutes earlier also. Rich did 50 each set.

  7. Made up this workout on Saturday.
    Worked strict shoulder presses at 95, but didn’t go to RM today.

    10 rounds on the metcon, scaled to 95# with butterfly pullups.