1/1/2013 – Happy New Year!

Make a commitment... start CrossFit this year!
Make a commitment… start CrossFit this year!

Get healthy Now!

Make a commitment this year to get healthy! If you are interested in trying CrossFit… check out our Getting Started information.

Our Back to Basics Introduction sessions start back January 7th!

30-Day Paleo/Primal Challenge

We will begin the 30-day primal/paleo challenge on Monday, January 7th! If you are not familiar with these, please look at the Nutrition page for more information.

We will post recipes and other information to help. For those who are members, you can use Wodify to keep a Food Journal if you like.  Just login to your account and then select My Journal at the top.

Holiday Hours!

We will be open on New Year’s Day from 11am-2pm. See you there! A workout will be posted later tomorrow.
Regular hours will resume on Wednesday, January 2nd.


GHD Situps
Burpee over box jump (24/20)

We wish everyone a very Happy New Year!!!

3 Replies to “1/1/2013 – Happy New Year!”

  1. Happy New Year! Mixed together yesterdays and todays workout!

    3 Squat Clean EMOM x 10mins ( 135x2mins, 155x6mins, 165x2mins)

    WOD 1/1/13: 5:09

    2k Row (6:57) PR!

    • So you did the burpee over box jump workout before the 2k row and still got a PR. Nice job!

      • I tend to do really well on my row when it’s at the end of my workouts. Even though my muscles are fatigued, my times are always faster when done at the end than if I do them before.