Rich Froning Games 2012Picture from Crossfit.com
Rich Froning Games 2012
Picture from Crossfit.com

Partner Workout

Buy-in: 100 Wall Ball (14/20)

AMRAP #1 (7min)
Max # pullups
5 reps Snatch (95/135)
— Rest 3 min —
AMRAP #2 (7min)
Max # box jumps (20/24)
5 reps Cleans (115/155)
— Rest 3 min —
AMRAP #3 (7min)
Max # ring dips
5 reps Deadlift (185/275)

Cash-out: Partner MB situps (20#)

Post total number of pullups, box jumps and ring dips to comments.

2 Replies to “12/29/2012”

  1. I’m not pretty sure about the way we both (me and my partner) should distribute the work. Maybe we must switch as soon as the other one has done the 5 snatches and so forth? Cheers in advance! God Bless and Happy New Year to all!

  2. Yes. As soon as the person doing the snatch, power clean, or the deadlift reps is finished, you switch. 🙂 Enjoy the New Year!