Holiday Hours & New Products

The holiday hours for next week are as follows:

Mon, Dec 31 – New Year’s Eve – 6am-8am and 3pm-6pm
Tue, Jan 1 – New Year’s Day – 11am-2pm
Wed, Jan 2 – Resume regular sessions and normal hours – See Schedule

New Decal Tees in green, navy and sapphire blue! Plus a CF Mayhem Hoodie!!

Decal Tee - GreenDecal Tee Green - BackDecal Tee Sapphire Blue FrontDecal Tee Sapphire Back

Decal Tee Navy Mens FrontDecal Tee Navy Mens BackDecal Tee Navy Womens FrontDecal Tee Navy Womens back




6 Replies to “Holiday Hours & New Products”

  1. Did a birthday bash workout today… 9 DBs (Clean and Jerk then a Thruster without dropping the barbell), 12 Double Unders, 9 DBs, 26 DUs, 9 DBs, 85 DUs. The 9 reps per DB were to total my age (27).