And the Fittest Man on Earth is Rich Froning Jr… Again!!

Photo courtesy of CrossFit, Inc.

After a grueling competition schedule and 15 scored workouts, this year’s Fittest Man and Woman on Earth were once again crowned. Congratulations to Rich Froning Jr and Annie Thorisdotter for being repeat winners!! Absolutely amazing athletes and people!

Being at the Games was a great experience and seeing all those awesome athletes in one place was pretty cool. Cheering on our own athletes… Rich and Dan was really fun! In the end, our Central East guys did great! All five of the guys who qualified were in the top 10! How amazing is that!

  • Scott Panchik – 4th
  • Dan Bailey – 6th
  • Marcus Hendren – 7th
  • Graham Holmberg – 10th

Plus Julie Foucher and SPC CrossFit got on the podium too! Shows the Central East is one tough region.

So how many of you want to start working to get there next year? I know I was inspired!